"In the many times I have bought houses, I have never had an agent like Ingrid Davis. Ingrid’s style worked wonders for my family of four. I was getting over a long convalescence and could not walk thru lots of houses. Ingrid took me out one afternoon to three or four open houses and asked me what I liked and disliked about each house. She then emailed me prospectives on houses in the areas we were looking and in our price range. We picked three to look at and made an offer on one that same day Ingrid showed it to us. Ingrid knew exactly what we were looking for and found it.  Unfortunately, someone overbid us.  Ingrid then suggested that we take a second look at one of the houses that she had previously sent us that we didn’t think we would like as it had views from every window and was only three bedrooms, not four that we thought we wanted—a master bedroom, a bedroom each for my son and daughter and a bedroom for a study for my husband. We didn’t want to pay for the views. Ingrid saw something in the listing that no other agent saw. While the house had only three bedrooms, each had its own full bathroom and the house had four separate living areas in addition to a formal dining room. The house had been on the market for 264 days in a market where houses were scarce because the listing agent didn’t know how to list. Ingrid saw thru the listing and we got it for $749,000 which was $50,000 less than the original listing price, because of Ingrid’s skill. All done in three weeks in a very tight market. My husband has a study and a library now. We have our dream house with views from every window. Ingrid is a great agent!"  Ruth Hollman

"It has been approximately two years since I have known Ingrid Davis, as both a close friend and as my real estate agent.  I was first introduced to Ingrid through my son who he met through a co-worker (whom she also represented in his sell and purchase).   

As my real estate agent, I found her to be hardworking and diligent with her out of the box thinking when I felt a crisis was around the corner.  Her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-wracking deadlines speaks volumes about her determination and composed demeanor.

As I got to know Ingrid better, I found her to be one of the most honest and down-to-earth people I have ever befriended.  I find Ingrid to be considerate, caring and polite.  She is a good listener and a good communicator.  The quality I admire the most is her sense of humor.   She never fails to make me smile.

All in all, I would have to say that Ingrid Davis is a fine, well-balanced person with an abundance of positive qualities.  When it comes to Realtors, Ingrid is our choice."

Sandra Hutchinson

"Ingrid was a great agent. She was very involved in the process of both the sale and the purchase of my new home.  She was easy to get ahold of and made my home buying experience very pleasant."

Robert Wood

"I have sold several homes through Ingrid and have gotten top market dollar on al of them On the other hand, when buying property, her advice on a bottom dollar offer has always been solid. She works hard for you, and it is always a pleasure to work with such a professional and positive person."

Ronald Rocha Sr.

"I have known Ingrid for approximately 13 years and initially met her acquaintance when I was looking for my first home. Quite naturally, I was looking for a realtor with whom I could put my utmost trust in being that they were going to be very instrumental in helping me secure the biggest investment of my life. Ingrid, did not disappoint me; she exceeded my expectations. 

After months of searching and what proved to be a painstaking process, Ingrid remained patient, focused, and committed. In fact, I was so impressed with her professionalism and industrious work ethic that I referred her to both friends and family, who also had nothing but glowing remarks about her infectious personality and high level of commitment

While I could go on about describing Ingrid‘s seemingly endless pool of attributes, I will simply close by saying that I would highly recommend Ingrid as a Realtor that requires a high degree of trust, attention to detail, commitment , punctuality, great sense of charm and professionalism." 

Ronald Rizzo

"I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided me regarding my real estate transaction. You explained everything in an easy to understand way and that really helped reassure me about what I was doing.  You happily explained what the different forms meant and what to look for, etc.  

I would recommend you to anyone I know for any real estate transaction. You are friendly and helpful and your response time is great.  You have all the qualities anyone would look for in an agent for this stressful transaction."

Best Regards,

Jen Copeland

Ted Kurtz
Loan Officer at AmeriFirst Financial Inc

"Ingrid is the consummate professional. An absolute delight to deal with"

"I worked with Ingrid for about five years at Custom Electric; we worked as a team managing the the construction firm's administrative duties. Ingrid's attention to detail and willingness not only to learn but, to also take on tasks require a meticulous attention to detail benefitted the company immensely and made my job much easier to handle. When I moved on, I recommended her as my replacement. Several years later, after she moved on to bigger and better career goals; Ingrid helped me to buy my first home, guiding me as I had once guided her. Ingrid listened to the needs of me and my family and helped us to find the house that fit us and not the house that would best suit her." Tim Andaya

"Since 2011, Ingrid has represented me on the buying side and selling side and has provided exceptional service.  She is very knowledgeable and always has her client's best interest in mind.  Ingrid is great to work with!"

Matt D.

My wife and I spent the better part of a year on a quest to find the right house at our price point in Los Angeles. Ingrid represented us throughout our quest. She was tirelessly attentive to our needs, alerting us to new listings, pointing out benefits and shortcomings of various homes and neighborhoods that we would have missed on our own, and she was a genuine pleasure to work  with. Ingrid is personable, knowledgeable, and always had our best interests at heart. We strongly recommend her.

Andy Twietmeyer

"Ingrid is fabulous. She knew how to help us with every step of the sales process. Ingrid’s experience resulted in a very smooth process. We both felt really cared for and protected by Ingrid. She kept us informed throughout. She helped us with her professional experience as we negotiated with the buyers during escrow. We give Ingrid our highest recommendation and would refer her to any of our friends."

 Jim and Dorothy Husen

Ingrid was incredibly helpful through the whole selling process, guiding me at each step of the way and delivered a fast and high priced sale of my home. She was efficient and knowledgeable about every step of the process. She was excellent and I was very happy to have her as my realtor and I’ll recommend her with all my heart to anyone who is ready to sell/or buy a house. She was anticipating all the steps, on the process, because she knows her business very well. She delivered extremely well.
Ingrid is the best, I was lucky to have her as my realtor!
Thank you Ingrid!

Carmen Constantinescu

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